Overview of the history of St. John's Church

1298    first recorded mention of a provost in Lüchow;
oldest existing mention of St. John's parish

1616    renovation of the turret on the roof

1655    earliest pictorial representation of St. John's church – in a Merian engraving

1691    extensive renovation and repair and installation of barrel vaulting above the nave, removal of the turret on the roof,  relocation of the bell(s) to the city tower on Kalandstrasse, (worship during reconstruction at the ducal castle) rededication on Michaelmas (September 29th), 1691

1831    repair of the roof and the masonry on the east side

1835    restoration of the document safe over the east side of the chancel

1865    restoration of the roof

1866    comprehensive renovation and redesign by Conrad Wilhelm Hase (during construction worship was at St. Mary's Church in Plate). From this year date the altar, pulpit, sounding board, and stalls. Dedication: 1st Sunday of  Advent, 1866

1894    interior repainting by the company Grote and Röbcke

1926    installation of parish rooms near the south wall 

1930    painting of the church by the Rickmann & Kofahl Company

1957    renovation of the eastern gable, removal of the south balcony, repair of the stepped gable, partial renovation of the barrel vaulting, renovation of the ceiling over the south side of the nave

1967    comprehensive repair following the Easter fire, removal of the north balconies