List of authors

(publication date: 1991)

  • Rolf Adler, pastor at Lüchow since 1987
  • Volker Dobers, pastor at Lüchow since 1988
  • Dr. Ing. Dieter Langmaack, architect BDA, on the Faculty of Theology at the University of Hamburg, designed 1990 renovation of St. John's Church
  • Hermann Ripke, social worker, since 1966 living in Lüchow
  • Irmgard Werner, from 1965 to 1990 caretaker of St. John's Lutheran Church
  • Susan Wiegrefe, since 1955 parish musician at St. John's Church, Lüchow
  • Hans-Jurgen Wolters, provost at Lüchow since 1987