A sweatshirt-jacket for the family!

At our last family reunion we could show you some examples of sweatshirt-jackets embroidered with our family crest.

Here you can find a photo of the embroidered crest. We will soon have photos of the jackets as well.In 2015 you may order your own jacket.

You will soon find more information in the login area.

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A new Statute of the Wulhase-Busse’schen Lehnsstiftung zu Lüchow von 1401


The Wulhase-Busse’sche Lehnsstiftung zu Lüchow serves the intellectual promotion and cohesion of the Wulhase-Busse’schen Lehnsfamilie on the basis of a living Christianity as well as the promotion of studies of its family members.


In the year 1401 the councilman Hermann Wulhase together with his nephew Hans Wulhase, citizen of Lüchow, founded the Wulhasesche Vikarie as a religious family foundation at the parish church of St. Johannis in Lüchow. Various properties in the area of Lüchow (Wendland) have made up the foundation’s material basis up till now.


Hans Wulhase’s great-granddaughter, Mette Berend, married Heinrich Busse. Both continued the foundation with the assets of the Wulhasesche Vikarie with today’s purpose. In 1682, the new name Bussen-Lehn was used for the first time. Since the convention of May 26, 1880 the foundation carries the name Wulhase-Busse’sche Lehnsstiftung zu Lüchow.


Since its founding the family has been associated with the church of St. Johannis.


Inheritance and acquisition are supposed, if possible, to be preserved and increased in its value in order to support the young people of the family in their education and to impress on them the values and traditions of our family.